Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Robotic Milking

    Cows have become best friends with robots.

  • Functions of the Brewers Association

    The Brewers Associationannounced an agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture.

  • Food Waste to Fuel

    We know that food waste is a major problem.

  • Killing Mites

    Bee Hive Thermal Industriesis Is attempting to be a global leader in the design, development and distribution of organically suitable products for the bee industry.

  • Women in Agriculture

    The sixth annual Women in Agriculture Conference.

  • Expiration Dates

    38 billion tons of food went to waste in 2014.

  • It's a must to vaccinate

    The risk for West Nile virus remains.

  • Giving Tuesday

    Cooper Farms and Cattle Empire have agreed to Match Donations to Animal Agriculture Alliance.

  • New food safety rules

    Farmers will soon be hearing a lot more about the Food Safety Modernization Act and the fact that on-farm inspections are on the horizon:

  • Billion Tons of Biofuel

    Peering into the Future of Agricultural Change

  • How FCIC Works

    Jo Lynne Seufer, Risk Management Specialist gave me a tutorial on the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation.

  • Mosquitoes biting horses

    Mosquitoes biting horses.

  • Brewers Association

    The Brewers Association, dedicated to small and independent American brewers— recently announced an agreement with the USDA-Agricultural Research Service.

  • 2018 Enrollment Period

    USDA Announces Enrollment Period for Safety Net Coverage in 2018

  • Smart Irrigation

     Growers are about to gain smarter, simpler options for controlling and managing their irrigation pivots.

  • TV Farm Series

    BobCat Studios is calling their next blockbuster the American Farmer.

  • Robotic Milking

    At Heber Loughmiller’s Hillside Dairy milk barn, in Elba, Idaho, cows have become best friends with robots.

  • Robotic Milking

    At Heber Loughmiller’s Hillside Dairy milk barn, in Elba, Idaho, cows have become best friends with robots.

  • Plant reactome

    OSU has been working on a $2.9 million grant, awarded by the National Science Foundation to develop an online database, called a plant reactome.

  • Interdepartmental Synergy

    University of Idaho students got a second-place finish in a national simulated trading contest.

  • Key to Successful Ranches

    While some producers struggle to stay afloat in what seems to be an unprofitable business, there are plenty of ranches defying the odds.

  • BioS.I.

    Who will ever forget the horrible fires that consumed Northern California’s wine country… Which had been ravaged by drought.

  • Mites and bees

    A fascinating discussion with bee expert Lynn Williams about how Varroa Mite infestations kill bees.

  • Mosquitoes and West Nile

    Mosquitoes and Equine West Nile

  • New Sales Closing Date

    USDA Adds New Sales Closing Date.

  • Price of Idaho Wines

    Bitner Vineyards owner, Ron Bitner, talked about some of the challenges confronting grape growers in Idaho

  • Pragmatic Dairy Scientist

    Peer-reviewed, multiherd Wellness Trait Field Study.

  • Statistics with West Nile

    Some of the statistics related to mortality in horses contracting West Nile virus

  • Antiquities Act

    The House Natural Resources Committee has just approved a bill that would restore Congress’ original intent in passing the Antiquities Act.

  • Hillbilly Heroin

    Many people associate the prescription opioid epidemic with rural America.

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