Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Smart Irrigation

     Growers are about to gain smarter, simpler options for controlling and managing their irrigation pivots.

  • Rural Development was there when Agriculture Sec. Sonny Perdue took his first trip to the House agriculture committee

  • Safe Berries

    Train-the-trainer workshops.

  • Reorganizing the USDA

    Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced a long-awaited plan to reorganize the USDA

  • Purdue on NAFTA

    Perdue: Six-month time frame for NAFTA talks.

  • TV Farm Series

    A blog from the Idaho Farm Bureau reported that BobCat Studios is calling their next blockbuster the American Farmer.

  • Lighthizer confirmation

    U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) welcomes the U.S. Senate’s confirmation of Robert Lighthizer as the next U.S. Trade Representative.

  • Preventing Invasive Weeds

    Protecting our recreational lands from invasive, noxious weeds.

  • WOTUS Gone

    EPA Sends WOTUS Withdrawal Notice to OMB

  • AAA Stakeholders Summit

    The 2017 Stakeholders Summit is bringing together animal agriculture to talk about ways attendees can connect and engage.

  • Pesticide Use

    We often do stories with the Idaho Department of Agriculture on safe pesticide use and disposal.

  • American Health Care Act

    American Health Care Act.

  • Soda Fire Follow-Up

    When the fire was raging and going everywhere, then it burned everything.

  • Pruitt and Walden

    Something almost unheard-of. A Republican congressman having a noncontentious, in fact very pleasant interaction with the head of the EPA.

  • President's Tax Plan

    Farmers and ranchers need a tax code that promotes the business of farming and ranching and recognizes the unique financial challenges we face.

  • H.R. 244

    Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson has applauded the House passage of H.R. 244.

  • Layne Bangerter

    Layne Bangerter Is a Trump staffer from Melba, Idaho.

  • Emergency Loans

    Low Interest Emergency Physical Loss Loans are Available for 16 Idaho Counties with Assistance to Producers in Surrounding States

  • Wheat Glut

    2016 was a year for the record books because Idaho had the highest wheat yield in the nation according to Blaine Jacobson of the Idaho Wheat Commission.

  • National Monument Designation

    Rep. Greg Walden (R-Hood River) released a statement after President Trump signed an executive order directing a review of national monument designations declared under the Antiquities Act since 1996.

  • The truth about transparency

    There is such a huge movement in America towards this “get to know who is producing your food and under what circumstances.”

  • Eliminating Pasture Parasite Larvae

    Producers tend to focus on worms in their capital budgets but it is the worms on your pasture that should really be the concern.

  • Phenotyping in the field and greenhouse

    Developing drought tolerant corn that makes efficient use of available water .

  • NASS Census



  • VA and Walden

    As I have covered farmers and ranchers over the past seven years, I have always been impressed with their willingness and commitment to serve their communities and country.

  • Earth Day 2017

    Earth Day 2017

  • SNAP Restrictions

    The country’s largest nutrition assistance program could undergo big changes.

  • NAFTA and Corn

    NAFTA or no NAFTA, I can tell you one thing, the US sends of a lot of corn to Mexico.

  • HSUS Fraud

    I found out about an organization called HumaneWatch which took out a full-page ad in USA Today.

  • Floating Farms

    Leave it to the Dutch.

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