Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Roundup Lawyers

    This whole Roundup/ glyphosate thing is not only contentious but is being bombarded on TV by tele-law firms.

  • PETA and Holocaust

    The way PETA thinks about livestock and ranchers.

  • Ag Summit

    Food and Ag at the Intersection” Symposium to Focus on

    Consumer Trends.

  • Global Warming and Humidity

    The future of snowpack and water resources in the American West now has another variable in the equation for water managers – humidity.

  • Farm Tech

    Transparency has become a huge issue with agricultural producers.

  • Net Neutrality

     Representative Greg Walden (R-Oregon) is all worked up about net neutrality.

  • Border Slowdown

    Last week, President Trump walked back the threat to close the southern U.S. border.

  • Livestock Litigation

    Animal activists continue to find new and different ways to challenge animal agriculture.

  • Biodiesel and RRs

    Farm Bureau supports tax policies that incentivize the expansion of markets for agricultural commodities.

  • Parasite Control

    “Parasite control is one of the most important herd management decisions you make each season.”

  • Equine Herpes

    The Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) has received confirmation of equine herpesvirus myeloencephalopathy.

  • Irrigation systems

    Legislation helps farmers improve irrigation systems.

  • Cyber Security on the Farm

    The amount of information farmers move around the internet has more than tripled.

  • Robocall Scammers

    Don’t hang up, there is important information on your auto repair warrantee. Please call this number to keep the Internal Revenue Service from filing charges against you.

  • Spring Tillage

    Seedbed preparation is an important consideration.

  • Ag Coalition

    Nearly 200 organizations, are urging congressional budget writers to reject calls for additional cuts to farm bill programs.

  • Broadleef weed control

    Spring has sprung so it is timely to hear about weeds that have sprung or are about to spring.

  • Farm Sector Income Forecast

    On March 6, USDA released the first projections for farm income and other financial indicators for the 2019 calendar year.

  • Fake Meat Taste Test

    Is the meat fake or is the whole concept flake?

  • 2019 AAA Summit

    What questions do they have and how can we better connect farmers and ranchers with our customers?

  • Weather and Cows

    Cold for Cows

  • Too many wolves

    The Trump administration wants to cut federal endangered species protections for gray wolves across the lower 48 states.

  • New Wheat Deal

    Wheat Farmers Welcome New Export Opportunity from Trump Administration

  • How does humidity work

    The future of snowpack and water resources in the American West now has another variable in the equation for water managers.

  • Net Farm Projection

    Department of Agriculture economists are showing a slight rise in net farm income this coming year.

  • More Milk

    Dairy farmers are taking a close look at a US Department of Agriculture report just out that shows that US Dairies will produce more milk from fewer cows.

  • Lactation cycles in cows

    First-lactation animals typically make 15% less milk than second-lactation animals.

  • Roundup litigation

    I am seeing so many ads for attorneys wanting you to call their 800 number if you or a loved one is suffering from the potential toxicity from exposure to Roundup.

  • Tenet Beef


  • BLM Fees Lower

    The Federal grazing fee for 2019 will drop to $1.35 per animal unit month for public lands.

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