Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Vidalia onions

    Vidalia onions

  • Green Pastures

    If you're a dairy operation or you’re raising cattle, how does lush, green pastures sound?

  • Tomato Pellets

    Albert Wilde, a sixth-generation rancher, a few years ago began considering how he could use the 5 percent or so of the wool that buyers weren’t interested in.

  • Human Composting

    There are only two ways of dealing with dead bodies: burial or cremation.

  • Wolf Management

    Oregon wildlife commissioners adopt wolf management plan.

  • Rural Housing

    One of the highlight events of this June's National Home Ownership month was a multi day housing innovation showcase.

  • Flea Beatles

    Watch for Flea Beatles in Canola Crops

  • Child Ag Injury Prevention

    Interactive workshops focusing on child agricultural injury prevention.

  • Irrigation Research

    Among the several areas of agriculture improved by research is irrigation.

  • Boomerangers

    How many stories have we done about topics concerned with the aging of the American farmer?

  • The origin of spinach

    Whether you are musically oriented or not, those two ditties have one thing in common. Spinach.

  • WOTUS Again

    A federal court invalidated the Environmental Protection Agency.

  • IRS and FBI

    Complaint Filed with IRS and FBI Targeting Extremist Animal Rights Groups.

  • Bad Wool

    One of the most difficult things about farming is staying profitable.

  • Weed Control

    One of the biggest obstacles to maximizing yields each year are resistant weeds.

  • GMO vs Genome Editing

    Recent advances have made genome editing widely applicable.

  • Agriculture Relief

    Farm Bureau Statement on Agriculture Relief.

  • Genome Editing

    The Need for Agricultural Innovation to Sustainably Feed the World by 2050.

  • Family Farmer Relief Act

    The Family Farmer Relief Act of 2019.

  • Biogen Photosynthesis

    Chad Schofield, the founder of BioGen ag systems described about a system he has designed to grow fodder for livestock.

  • Ceres and Tariffs

    The uncertainty in tariffs and Congressional action has left many growers concerned about how to manage the upcoming growing seasons.

  • Future of Antibiotics

    Veterinarian Bob Smith is taking a very cautious and conservative approach to the flagrant abuse of antibiotic use in both humans and animals.

  • Future of Antibiotics

    Veterinarian Bob Smith is taking a very cautious and conservative approach to the flagrant abuse of antibiotic use in both humans and animals.

  • GNP

    Growth in First Quarter GDP, but consumer spending flat

  • Rural Disadvantage

    City kids get all kinds of technical input and advantages via broadband while kids in tiny little towns are left scratching their heads.

  • AAA Summit

    The Animal Agriculture Alliance’s 2019 Stakeholders Summit, themed “A Seat At The Table,” armed a record-setting 335 attendees with new ways to engage.

  • PNW Wildfires

    Let's just think about how devastating wildfires have been to the Rocky Mountain West through the Pacific Northwest in the last couple of years.

  • Farmers' Mental Health

    A strong majority of farmers and farmworkers say financial issues, farm or business problems and fear of losing the farm impact farmers’ mental health.

  • Antibacterial Communication

    Antibiotic resistance is a problem for both humans and animals, but solutions stall in the blame game between the medical and animal health communities.

  • Ag Generational Change

    I talked with agricultural real estate attorney Kim Maloney about turning the farms over to kids.

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