Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • WEEDit

    A farmer in Eastern Washington saved $70,000 off his herbicide bill in one year.

  • Cool Terra

    I asked spokesperson Jerry VanElderen about soil health and his product.

  • ACH Seeds

    ACH Seeds, marketer of Crystal® Brand Sugarbeet Seed, is in its 6th year of the Sugar Bounty program.

  • Invasive pests

    Global travelers are being cautioned against bringing back invasive pests and diseases to America:

  • Immigration

    The National Milk Producers Federation says dairy farmers need a major fix of current immigration laws.

  • Herpes Quarantine

    Idaho state veterinarian Dr. Scott Leibsle had extremely good advice for horse owners all over the country.

  • Emisions Stay

    Court of Appeals Stays Manure Emission Rule Until May 1st

  • Peppler Farm

    Colleen Peppler isn't just "the farmer's wife."

  • Roomier hen cages

    Happier Hens Could Mean You Pay More For Eggs

  • Treating Herds

    Got a Zoetis video with tips on controlling disease and boosting weight gain from nutritionist Dr. Martin Andersen.

  • Wasted Food

    A report said that the US healthcare system wastes $750 billion a year. But something else we are wasting?… It’s not actual money but food.

  • Syngenta Orondis

    A product called Orondis Gold which delivers preventive, residual and systemic activity that aids growers in fighting diseases diseases.

  • Broadband Infrastructure Solutions

    Rep. Greg Walden is continuing his efforts to improve broadband connectivity in rural America.

  • 10X Hats

    10 X or 50 X.

  • Conaway on Farm Bill

    Mike Conaway represents Texas’ 11th Congressional Districtwhere he strongly advocates for farmers,

  • Food Safety

    Rep. Greg Walden (R-Hood River) held a hearing of the House Energy and Commerce Committee on the safety of the U.S. food supply.

  • Wheat Factory

    During a recent Wheat U event in Spokane, Washington Jim Vandecovering with BASF talked with wheat growers.

  • ELD Rule

    Ranchers worried electronic logging device could hurt the livestock industry

  • Wheat Staging

    Wheat Staging

  • Warm Weather

    Warm Weather.

  • Advice for FFA

    Colleen Peppler isn't just "the farmer's wife."

  • Happy Hens

    Happier Hens Could Mean You Pay More For Eggs

  • Migration

    Sixty-eight percent of hired farmworkers nationally were born in Mexico.

  • Wellness in Dairy Cows

    Wellness Trait Field Study

  • Fiddlehead Farm

    It’s absolutely amazing how small the world has become.

  • Pendleton Hat Company 1

    Pendleton Hat company. Hey cowboy. You want a real cowboy hat.

  • Food Movement

     As America’s population has shifted from a farm-based economy to one driven by jobs in urban areas, a smaller number of farms are producing the vast majority of the country’s food.

  • 2018 Farm Bill

    One of the largest, and most controversial, pieces of legislation being debated right now in Washington, D.C., is the 2018 Farm Bill.

  • Beetle Infestations

    Bark epidemic with daunting consequences.

  • Renaming the farm bill

    American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall suggested a rethinking of what farmers consider the farm bill to be.

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