Program: Sportsman's Spotlight

Sportsmen's Spotlight is a new radio program that takes a look at all kinds of outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest.



  • Hunting Rifles

    Hunting Rifles.

  • Brett and two tries

    Brett Bartlett was on a weekend hunt when “one of my buddies was calling back and forth with this bull".

  • 5 Reasons

    Five Reasons You Missed That Dove.

  • Angler Aid

    An angler’s dream created for anglers by an angler.

  • Public Lands

    You don’t need to buy land.

  • Dynamics of Standiing in a Kayak

    Damon Bunngard talks about the dynamics of standing and fishing in a kayak.

  • Trail cams

    One great way to find out what’s going on in the great outdoors is to get a trail cam.

  • Crawdads

    Tommy’s dog is all grown up and is quite the pointer… But, c’mon.

  • Chuckers and Brian

    I prefer our dogs to point and hold forever.

  • Josh Smoked Fish

    Catch and maybe don’t release.

  • Pakistan chuckers

    Chukers are originally from Pakistan.

  • Polarized Sunglasses

    I asked Sportsman’s Warehouse Sales Associate Keith McDowell about polarized sunglasses.

  • Bow Testing

    Field Test: Bow Shootout.

  • Coyote Culprits

    Wolves are not always the culprit.

  • Bluegill

    The tasty little panfish, bluegill, is native to eastern North America, but is now found all throughout the country.

  • Delisting Yellowstone Grizz's

    Mike Keckler talked with me about the de-listed grizzly population in Yellowstone.

  • Scabbards

    If you're thinking about riding with your rifle you might want to think’s scabbard.

  • Good Scopes

    The old cliché you get what you paid for certainly applies when it comes to scopes for your rifle.

  • Duck Calling with DU

    A Ducks Unlimited TV crew headed to two locations in west Tennessee to hunt with DU college volunteers.

  • Life in the woods

    A professional logger who lives in Wisconsin and he spends almost all of his life out in the woods harvesting timber.

  • Phony hunts and guides

    Phony hunts and guides.

  • Trolling Motors

    Trolling motors.

  • Venison steaks

    Venison steaks

  • Bird hunting with Brian

    Talking a little bird hunting with good friend Brian King.

  • Bear Calling

    Recently had a fun chat with Mike Jenkins, owner of Up Front Outfitters in Washington State.

  • Bow Hunt

    No Pain, No Game Bow season begins in a few short weeks.

  • Hunting Boots

    I called Sales Associate Mike and asked him to give me some details on his line of hunting boots.

  • Friendship with Orvis

    Damon Bunngard is the inventor/owner of a very slick line of outdoor oriented coolers with the name brand Orion.

  • DU and Humans

    You want to talk about commitment to conservation, there is no greater group then Ducks Unlimited.

  • Bamboo Fly Rods

    Something good is actually coming out of China.

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