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  • Simpson Sustains INL

    Fiscal Year 2018 Energy and Water Development Appropriations bill protects funding.

  • Mormon Crickets

    Mormon crickets have appeared in Idaho.

  • Zippy's Pep Talk

    American Farm Bureau Federation President, Zippy DuVall recently came to Idaho to get an up close and personal look at the state of agriculture.

  • Robotic Dairy

    Members of the Idaho Farm Bureau Dairy Committee recently paid visit to Myers dairy in Payette County to learn about robotic cow milking.

  • Water Rights Legislation

    A bill that would protect the water rights of Western ranchers was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives this week.

  • Big D Wheat

    What is going on with winter wheat right now?

  • Zippy and Danny

    We've spent this week talking about wheat, harvest, prices and the like.

  • Zippy visits Idaho

    "I’d say right now we are right at break even point. theres not going to be any money made at it.

  • Wheat Rally

    A possible alternative to wheat?

  • 7-10 IAT Wheat Harvest

    At the Big D ranch outside of Meridian the wheat stands tall. In a couple of weeks it’ll ripen before the combines take over.

  • Memory Ranch

    Men and women came from all over the country looking to buy the best in quarter horses from Memory Ranches.

  • PETA



    Simpson Applauds Administration’s WOTUS Repeal

  • Shaver Transportation

    Rob Rich recently attended the Snake River Festival.

  • Is Ag Cool?

    Roger Plothow is helping to put on and ag conference in southern Idaho. I

  • COOL

    Cool not Cool, Cattlemen Sue Country of Origin Labeling

  • Ban Reversal

    Brazil's Agriculture minister Blairo Maggi posted social media comments on his emergency trip to the US this week.

  • Brazilian Beef Ban

    US Ban Brazil Beef Imports

  • Barley Checkoff

    Idaho Barley commission administrator Kelly Olson discussed checkoff dollars with me.

  • Cuban Trade

    Ag groups have recently expressed concern over President Donald Trump's announcement that his administration will restrict travel to Cuba and limit business activities in Cuba.

  • Labor Crackdown

    ICE continues enforcements and the Department of Labor vows there will be a crack down on work Visas.

  • Cattle Vaccinations

    Reproductive loss in U.S. beef herds costs cattle producers approximately $500 million per year.

  • Caviness

    Caviness Beef Packers has been family owned and operated for over “50 Years” and is currently led by 2nd and 3rd generation family members.

  • Benefits of the Snake

    Snake River Advocates spokesperson Jeff Sayre spoke out about the benefits of the Snake.

  • Zippy Visit

    Duvall visits Idaho

  • Age Appropriate Work

    grim statistics

  • Eat what you kill

    A couple of years ago, apple grower Scott McIlrath, owner of McIlrath Family Farms in Tieton, Washington had an apple crop that was sparse.

  • Potato Truck

    One of the points of pride of the Idaho Potato Commission is its iconic potato truck and I called President and CEO of the Commission, Frank Muir.

  • Secretaries Meet

    It is very historic that the two secretaries were in the same meeting.

  • Wildfire Budget

    Simpson and Schrader Reintroduce Wildfire Disaster Funding Act

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