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  • Robert at Smithsonian

    Idaho grower featured in Smithsonian 'Precision Farming' exhibit.

  • Sheep Docking 2

    They are earmarking, docking tales and also castrating all of the buck lambs.

  • Sheep Docking

    450 ewes and their month old lambs are being patiently coaxed to a corral for a health check.

  • Potato Marathon

    Give A Little Time. Make A Big Difference!!!

  • Schools Funding

    Secure Rural Schools Funding for Idaho Announced

  • AeroFarming

    Tom Mossman and his son Matt are North Idaho farmers with a slightly different approach.

  • Dryland Farming

    As far back as 1812, Lawyers Canyon was a great area for farming and still is today.

  • Food Disclosure

    What goes into our mouths.

  • Diesel Prices

    With the vast majority of fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the United States moving to their final destination by truck, on-highway diesel fuel prices play a significant role.

  • AAA Perception Change

    The overarching message on how the animal agriculture community can protect the livelihoods of farmers, ranchers, veterinarians and industry professionals.

  • Barker Schooll at U of I

    Idaho Wheat Commission researcher Cathy Wilson talks about a very progressive program at the University of Idaho.

  • Idaho Preferred

    Idaho Preferred Inaugural Nursery Retail Road Show

  • Truffles

    A spring morning walk through the orchard with Paul Beckman and his dog looking at truffles.

  • Oregon Diet

    Some time ago, Oregon State University received a long term grant.

  • Norkotah potatoes

    On the upper Snake River plain, the vegetable that made Idaho famous is getting planted.

  • Wildfire Plan

    The Bureau of Land Management says this summer they're teaming up Owyhee County ranchers to help stop the threat of wildfires on the Owyhee Range.

  • Idaho Snowpack

    Farmers and ranchers throughout Idaho should have an ample supply of irrigation water this year.

  • Trespassing Law

    Bill H 658 A is important to protect private property rights in Idaho.

  • Magnetizing Water

    A company called Magnation Water Technologies says that magnetic water (MW) is water that has been passed through a magnetic field.

  • Healthy Aquaculture

    Aquaculture can be a slippery issue.

  • Drilling not Farming

    Matt Brechwald’s a farmer and podcaster who has grave concerns about today’s kids not wanting to follow their parents tradition of farming.

  • Chat with Brian Searle

    Bryan Searle is a busy man.

  • Appropriations

    Federal Legislation Delivers Big Wins for Idaho Agriculture


  • Labor Shortage

    Idaho led the nation in earnings growth last year and, partly as a result, Idaho’s farmers and ranchers are having a harder time finding workers.

  • Potato Prices

    Eavesdropping on a conversation between Idaho Farm Bureau Federation Pres. Brian Searle and Idaho Farm Bureau reporter Jake Putnam.

  • Brian Searle

    Idaho Farm Bureau Federation president, Bryan Searle, a Shelley, Idaho, potato farmer, was elected to a two-year terms on the AFBF board of directors.

  • Workforce 2

    With the agricultural labor force for American farms and ranches, hired workers are mostly foreign-born and primarily from Mexico.

  • Workforce

    Drive the country back roads and everywhere you look, spring summer and fall, you see the men and women of agriculture.

  • Idaho Grain Up

    Idaho farmers expect to plant slightly more grain acres in 2018.

  • Soil health partnership

    The Soil Health Partnership commemorated World Soil Day by encouraging farmers to reflect on steps they can take to make their land healthier.

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