Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Screen Time and Obesity

    OSU professor of nutrition Melinda Manore talks about technology and nutrition.

  • Conaway

    House Agriculture Committee Chairman K. Michael Conaway (TX-11) issued a statement concerning China’s unwarranted, illegal retaliation.

  • A Different Take on Exports

    Idaho Wheat Commission researcher Cathy Wilson presented an interesting theory about importing and exporting agricultural commodities.

  • De-bunking Myths

    Air quality expert Dr. Frank Mitloehner to debunk environmental myths at 2018 Stakeholders Summit.

  • Beaty Butte Project

    A group of private ranchers has worked out a program to train and sell via auction wild Mustangs.

  • Angus Cowgirl

    Marketing specialist for the Red Angus Association grew up surrounded by cattle.

  • Dairy Safety Net

    USDA Reopens Enrollment for Improved Dairy Safety Net Tool

  • Mustang Adoption

    The Beaty Butte Wild Horse Training Facility in tiny Adel, Oregon is breaking new ground in the debate over wild horse management on America’s public lands.

  • Genome editing

    U.S.Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue has issued a statement providing clarification on the USDA’s oversight of plants.

  • Beautiful Weeds

    Some University of Idaho educators hope a new line of scarves they have designed and developed will become an invasive trend, just like the noxious weeds they feature.

  • Angus marbling

    Katie Ochsner is a marketing specialist for the Red Angus Association.

  • Colorado Wind Farm

    An East Central Colorado wind farm project is bringing economic opportunity to the rural community it serves.

  • Improving Yield

    Growers around the country constantly battle to achieve profitability with sustainability.

  • Carey and Glyphosate


  • Long line of ranchers

    Dawn Nelson is a true fourth generation cowgirl.

  • Beetle eradication program

    The devastating effect of bark beetles on our national forests.

  • Beehive thermal industries

    An excellent invention.

  • Predicting spring

    Punxsutawney Phil – the prognosticating groundhog who famously foretells the arrival of spring – may need a new job.

  • Strangles

    Horses travel more than ever.

  • Farm Act

    A bill exempting animal feeding operations from reporting air emissions could move through the Senate quickly.

  • CRP Issues

    Agricultural producers wanting to enhance current conservation efforts are encouraged to renew their Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) contract.

  • AAA Summit

    Farmers and ranchers from across the country entered the Alliance’s “#ProtectYourRoots” photo contest.

  • National Ag Week

    National Ag Week is March 18-24.

  • Improving Yield

    Growers around the country constantly battle to achieve profitability with sustainability.

  • FFA for All

    when there is such .

  • What is a Pulse Crop

    A discussion with Mark Brick, Professor of Plant Breeding and Genetics at Colorado State University led to a clear understanding of what a pulse crop is.

  • NAFTA and Tariffs

    NAFTA At Standstill after Trump Tariff Announcement

  • Renewable Fuel Standard

    The American Farm Bureau and leading agriculture organizations wrote a letter to President Trump urging him to maintain the Renewable Fuel Standard.

  • Sustainable Soil

    How can growers begin to build healthy soils to achieve profitability and sustainability?

  • FBN

    Farmers Business Network or FBN.

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