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Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Smart Nitrogen

    The science surrounding agriculture is moving at warp speed.

  • Planet Pulse

    Listening to the agricultural pulse of the planet.

  • Thank a Farmer

    Is it possible to thank our farmers in this country.

  • Antibiotic Resistance

    20 years ago a common antibiotic would have knocked out a bad bacteriain three days.

  • Blight Hotline

    Syngenta is going to continue partnerships with key potato researchers on the blight hotlines for 2018. 

  • Republican farmers

    Republican farmers.

  • Political Nonsense

    You know, politics are a dirty business.

  • Mosquitoes biting horses

    How is it that horses don’t go crazy?

  • E-Commerce

    The E-Commerce Effect on Agriculture and Food.

  • Fermenting for health

    Fermented foods have taken off.

  • Gelbvieh cattle

    Creston Washington cattle rancher, Dawn Nelson, she mentioned her herd of cattle and I asked her to expand.

  • Crop Insurance

    Crop insurance is working.

  • Bayer Bee Contest

    On top of bee health.

  • Health benefits in beer drinking

    It’s the question beer drinkers around the world have been asking for years:

  • Wolves and ranches

    Dawn Nelson is a real life cowgirl who deals in reality when it comes to the wolf issue on her ranch.

  • Farmland Threats

    No farms, no food, no future.

  • Dairy Risk

    The American Farm Bureau Federation has developed a new risk-management insurance product for dairy farmers.

  • Farmland Threats

    No farms, no food.

  • Why invest in risk

    Idaho Wheat Commission researcher Kathy Wilson explains why her organization donated $2 million to a U of I program.

  • Dairy Risk

    The American Farm Bureau Federation has developed a new risk-management insurance product for dairy farmers.

  • Travelling viruses

    Is it possible that feeding your livestock can result in them contracting a virus? and the answer is yes.

  • RootedinAg

     Members of the ag community are invited to describe the person who inspired them to become #RootedinAg.

  • Millennials bitcoins and commodity trading

    Idaho Wheat Commission researcher Cathy Wilson talks about millennials

  • Taking care of Farmers

    This is not intended to be a political forum but I’ll tell you what, every day in the Trump presidency something tumultuous happens.

  • Myvetiscore

    Zoetis kicked off the #MyVetIsCore Sweepstakes.

  • Rural Broadband

    The Senate Commerce Committee approved S. 2343, the Precision Agriculture Connectivity Act of 2018.

  • FSA Change

    Farm Service Agency Makes Administrative Change to the Livestock Indemnity Program.


  • Glyphodsate Whitewash

    Richard Gupton of the Agricultural Retailers Association is asking for public comments to be sent to the EPA about the importance of glyphosate.

  • TPP

    President Trump says that he’s thinking about the US rejoining the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

  • Rancher Proclamation

    A proclamation passed by the Idaho Legislature encourages the state’s Constitutional Defense Council to help reimburse two Idaho ranchers.

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