Program: Sportsman's Spotlight

Sportsmen's Spotlight is a new radio program that takes a look at all kinds of outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest.



  • Turkey Conservation

    The National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the National Wild Turkey Federation.

  • CRP Enrollment

    Participants that remove sensitive lands from production.

  • Elk call

    Gabe Reese is an avid hunter and writes for several outdoor magazines but what a story he has while elk hunting in Northern Idaho.

  • Kodiak

    For duck hunting, one place that I have to confess to be a little surprised by is Kodiak, Alaska.

  • Set up Blind

    Hunting season is right around the corner and there's no better time to get your blinds ready.

  • Yellow-bellied marmot

    If you would like to do some target shooting on live animals, you might think about a yellow bellied marmot.

  • Outdoor Wi-Fi

    Hey outdoorsmen, I think I found a great gizmo to bring Bring WiFi into the great outdoors.

  • School for Outfitters

    Auburn University’s new degree in wildlife enterprise management to equip students for careers in outdoor industries.

  • Record Elk

    A chat with expert archery hunter, Dennis Dunn.

  • Kent Goodman Fishing

    A chat with fishermen Kent Goodman about making the transition from ocean fishing to freshwater flyfishing.

  • Public Lands

    Josh Mills talks about the importance of public lands.

  • Public Lands

    Simpson Leads Bipartisan Parks and Public Lands Bill

  • Crabbing with Bourbs

    Rick Bourbonnais was vacationing in Florida.

  • Proper Handling

    Brian Huskey’s an avid fly fisherman who turns his hobby into photographs.

  • 2018 Steelhead Run

    Josh Mills talks this year’s steelhead run.

  • Odd Antler Stories

    A mule deer buck had somehow lost that part of his anatomy that made him a buck.

  • Seabreeze

    Pat Schenk Is the owner of Seabreeze charters

  • Bow hunting for fish

    Shooting carp with a bow.

  • Takeouts

    Josh Mills has advice if you’re taking your watercraft out of the water.

  • Making and eating Pho

    Every year an event called the Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt is held in Northeast Wyoming.

  • Auburn Outdoor Degree

    Hunting or fishing for a new degree?

  • Steelhead and Wine

    Casey Underwood is an artist and freelance designer currently residing in Seattle, WA.

  • Good Hunters

    There is something about the hunting community that you just have to respect.

  • Antelope

    How to hunt antelope,

  • Mix and Match Hunt

    Amy Spoon, boyfriend Brady and their son Brett went on a spring bear hunt but were successful very early.

  • Kayak Fishing

    The advantages of kayak fishing.

  • Invasive mussels

    Infestations of quagga and zebra mussels can devastate lakes, reservoirs and rivers for outdoorsmen who love to fish.

  • Where to find Roosevelts

    A passion for Roosevelt elk.

  • No Hatch

    An errant cast while flyfishing does not always spell disaster.

  • Is venison gamey

    Jon Wipfli has written a book entitled VENISON.

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