Program: Sportsman's Spotlight

Sportsmen's Spotlight is a new radio program that takes a look at all kinds of outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest.



  • Ghosts of Africa

    Ghosts of Africa.

  • Bigger is better

    Winter steelhead are the badder, meaner, more intense cousins of their summertime brethren.

  • Pistols

    I called Dave, a sales associate at the gun counter at Sportsmen’s Warehouse and inquired if they had any post – Christmas sales or specials on guns.

  • Rethinking Wolves

    A federal lawsuit recently ruled in favor of the US Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services.

  • Marsh Madness

    Fishermen have proposed a way to restore the Everglades and South Florida rivers.

  • The Perfect Feather

    The Perfect Feather

  • Orion Coolers

    Orion, a company that makes special outdoor coolers.

  • Winter Steelhead

    Josh Mills talks winter steelhead.

  • Amy's Sturgeon

    Amy Spoon who heads up a Facebook group called Outdoor Chic Clique gets lots of women together.

  • Cyber bullying

    I was talking with Field and Stream magazines Editor in Chief Colin Kearns about hunting Whitetail and he had a disaster story.

  • Hunting antelope from a wheelchair

    Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt.

  • Brett's 9X7

    Good pal Brett Bartlett was elk hunting.

  • Wolf Traps

    Trapping wolves.

  • One Giant Buck

    Hunting whitetail.

  • Wildlife Conservation

    Wildlife conservation.

  • Outdoors International 2

    Brian Oakland operates a guide to outfitters service.

  • Hunting for doves

    Hunting for doves

  • Hunting Boots

    Hunting boots.

  • NW School of Flyfishing

    Northwest School of Flyfishing.

  • 9 Pheasant tips copy


  • Drone Hunting

    Hunting with drones.

  • Dynamics of Standiing in a Kayak

    Damon Bunngard talks about the dynamics of standing and fishing in a kayak.

  • Coyote Calls

    Coyote Calls.

  • KeepemWet2

    KeepemWet founded by Brian Huskey.

  • Keep em wet

    Friend and fisherman Josh Mills has a tip called Keep ‘Em Wet.

  • Wildlife Conservation

    Wildlife conservation.

  • Delicious Dove

    Good buddy Randy King oftentimes goes dove hunting with his Rhodesian Ridgeback/Labrador mix.

  • Winter Fly fishing

    Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t go fly fishing.

  • Outdoor Chic Clique

    Amy Spoon created this amazing Facebook group called the Outdoor Chic Clique.

  • Goose Outfitter

    If you want to go goose hunting, frequent contributor and avid sportsman Josh Mills has a great suggestion. “I am spending more and more time sitting in goose fields listening to my friends masterfully calling in some of these Canadian geese. I wouldn’t say I have fallen in love with it but I just think it’s pretty fun. A good friend of mine Drew Steinberger and his family, this is part of a bucket list trip that I am excited to do, but he and his family on a ranch in Forsyth, Montana called PR

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