Program: Sportsman's Spotlight

Sportsmen's Spotlight is a new radio program that takes a look at all kinds of outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest.



  • Lake Okeechobee

    Had an interesting talk with Jeremy Gwynne, owner of Mystery Tackle Box.

  • Profit Josh

    Josh Mills, has a point he wants to make about the steelhead fishery.

  • Caribou Disappearing

    David Holbrook was on a caribou hunt up in northern Québec.

  • Josh and Turkey 1

    Yesterday, regular contributor to the show Josh Mills was hunting a piece of private property north of Spokane for turkeys.

  • Josh Turkey Hunt

    A fall turkey hunt with regular contributor Josh Mills.

  • Broadheads

    Edwin Harpole’s a lifetime hunter 1st and an outfitter owns Extreme Hunts in Pike County, Illinois

  • Axe to Grind

    osh Mills, has a point he wants to make about the steelhead fishery.

  • Duck Club

    Bill Agler spells out some of the joys and challenges that go along with belonging to a duck club.

  • First Bull Elk

    Seasoned fly fisherman and brand-new archery hunter Sam Williamson goes after his first bull elk in Colorado.

  • Josh Article

    Drake magazine

  • Muzzle Loader History

    Al Strupp, gives us a little muzzle loader history.

  • Back Country

    A terrific conservation organization.

  • Fishing for Payara

    Dennis Isbister goes fishing for payara in Columbia.

  • Euthanizing Sea Lions.

    Oregonian Rob Maxey talks about problems that he was having with sea lions..

  • Bow Hunt.

    Buck fever followed by some good luck.

  • Managing Wolves

    Managing Wolves

  • Josh fishes wit his Dad

    Program regular, Josh Mills goes steelhead fishing with his dad on his birthday.

  • Shooting Competition

    Andi Cooper wanted to point out that waterfowl are primary recipients of DU’s national efforts.

  • Alaska

    Alaska, not for the faint of heart.

  • Marlin

    The Blue Marlin Grand Championship

  • Spiritual Hunt

    Good friend Britta Lindsay tells us a hunting story that is literally spiritual.

  • Elk Scent

    Taking a client named Dan on an elk hunt.

  • Learning to Hunt

    Sam Williamson lives about 40 miles from Boulder Colorado and runs an online business called

  • Fishing Columbia

    Denis Isbister has spent his whole life devoted to fishing.

  • CWD in Deer

    Dr. Don Davis was asked by the Texas Deer Association to do a comprehensive review of the literature concerning chronic wasting disease or CWD.

  • Huskey Podcast

    Brian Huskey is the consummate outdoorsman and now has a podcast describing events during his elk hunt this year.

  • Blister free hunting socks drastically reduces blisters and foot discomfort.

    A company called W?ru Wool

  • Uplanders

    The Uplanders

  • Hunting-Camp Gear Field Test

    Hunting-Camp Gear Field Test

  • Shooting Competition

    I had a conversation with someone from an organization for which I have the most profound respect and that is Ducks Unlimited.

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