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  • New Judge

    Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson recently introduced legislation to address the federal judicial crisis in Idaho. 

  • Dairy Safety

    One of The Most critical concerns on any dairy farm is safety.

  • Digital Cowboys

    Digital marketing is a big thing for agriculture.

  • Late potato blight

    Prominent potato disease researchers will continue their partnerships on the potato blight hotlines in 2019.

  • Epicurean Delight

    Truffle hunting is a lucrative business.

  • Beef Industry Miracle

    Amazing day to day performance and accomplishments of the U.S. cattle and beef industry.

  • The importance of Snow

    A trip to Moores Creek Summit with Ron Abramovich.

  • Animal Tracks

    The Washington state Department of Agriculture has come up with a very sophisticated system called Animal Tracks.

  • Solar Farming 1

    Your power bill is going to be set in stone. This is a way to insulate it.

  • Solar Farming

    To make a go in bone dry Owyhee County, farmer Russel Schirmeyer needed to cut irrigation costs.

  • War on Weeds

    The war on noxious weeds here in the state of Idaho continues.

  • Snow pack

    Moores Creek Summit. This is the site of one of many sno-tel locations scattered about in Idaho's high country.

  • Killing Bark Beetles

    Bug Warfare.

  • Frozen Hops

    Preserving hops by freezing them.

  • IPA Agriculture

    You cannot tell a book by its cover, but you can certainly tell a friend of agriculture in Idaho based upon what they are drinking.

  • Small machine Safety Tips

    Even though you may think you are thoroughly familiar with all of the equipment on your farm or ranch, you can’t take anything for granted.

  • Phosphate in Idaho

    Trent Clark visited the IFB house of delegates to encourage idaho farmers and ranchers to submit comments on the Caldwell Cayon phosphate mine.

  • Evapotranspiration

    Evapotranspiration is the amount of water evaporated from land or transpired from vegetation.

  • Bonneville County 1

    The county fair is now able to add important space to the Bonneville County Fair Grounds.

  • Bonneville County

    The Bonneville County Farm Bureau is in the giving spirit this holiday season.

  • Internet Scams

    Cyber scams are rampant during the holiday season.

  • Sagegrouse

    Simpson Applauds Increased Flexibility for Sage-Grouse Plans.

  • Beauty of FB

    The Idaho Farm Bureau Federation is a free, independent, non-governmental, voluntary organization of farm and ranch families.

  • Idaho Truffle Hunt

    it’s a big day for truffle hunting dog Bella.

  • FB

    Simpson Cheers Farm Bill Passage

  • Funding Immigrants

    Idaho dairy farmers back immigrant legal services.

  • 79th annual meeting

    The 79th annual meeting of the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation was just held.

  • Disaster Relief

    USDA Designates Two Idaho Counties as Primary Natural Disaster Areas.

  • Bonneville County 1

    Thanks to a generous donation, the Bonneville county fair is now able to add important space

  • Bonneville County

    The Bonneville County Farm Bureau is in the giving spirit this holiday season, and the happy recipients of a generous donation.

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