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  • Ag Forum

    Community leaders from across the Treasure Valley attending a joint Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Caldwell.

  • Barley to Eat

    For the last little while there has been interest in doing something more with barley than making beer.

  • Idaho Sugar Beets

    Magic Valley farmers might have the second greatest sugar beet harvest of the decade.

  • Aphids

    Tracking aphids.

  • Animal Agriculture Alliance

    Alliance celebrates a successful year of bridging the communication gap between farm and fork

  • Wildfires

    Is the world going up in flames?

  • Symms Fruit Ranch

    Founded in 1914 as an 80 acre homestead with 8 acres of fruit trees, Symms Fruit Ranch has today become a 5,200 acre family owned and operated grower,

  • Elk Solution

    Elk Solution

  • Harvest

    Around this time of the year, it’s a great opportunity to see farmers in the Treasure Valley in harvest.

  • Be Respectful

    Lemhi County ranchers are having problems with elk herds.

  • Wheat journey

    How does all the wheat that we sold to Taiwan make the journey?

  • Too Many Elk

    An elk solution that we can all live with.

  • Nematode News

    Say the word nematode and it’s kind of like saying tuberculosis.

  • Genomics in Cattle

    Genomics in the cattle business.

  • Livestock Haulers

    American Farm Bureau Federation and seven livestock organizations are asking the Department of Transportation for a waiver and exemption.

  • Wildfires

    A pitch that all of us in the Northwest have experienced and that is exposure to wildfires.

  • Huston Vineyard

    Welcome to our Idaho estate vineyard and artisan winery.

  • Home Canning

    September is Food Safety Education Month

  • Idaho's agricultural diversity

    One ton of grapes will produce about 60 cases of wine.

  • Wheat Deal

    An agreement supporting U.S. wheat exports over the next two years – a deal worth $576 million.

  • Healthcare haggling

    Farm Bureau Urges Lawmakers to Stop the Health Insurance Tax for 2018.

  • Watson Onions

    Since 1912 the JC Watson company in Parma has grown, sorted, packed and shipped onions.

  • 2018 fiscal funding

    Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson supported passage of full year fiscal year 2018 funding.

  • Rathdrum Prairie aquifer

    North Idaho is famous for its water.

  • Hop Harvest

    Idaho Hop Harvest in full swing.

  • Hi-Tech Hay

    Most hay farmers these days put up what are referred to as big bales.

  • 4-H in Northern Idaho

    Verland Woemnper who raises Hereford cattle says involvement in 4-H is a good learning experience for kids and adults.

  • Advanced Biofuels Requirement

    The American Farm Bureau Federation is giving the Environmental Protection Agency a thumbs-up.

  • All in the family

    At the North Idaho State fair in Coeur d’Alene, it’s showtime in the beef barn and for the Wimpner family.

  • All things wheat in Idaho

    Idaho’s 2017 wheat harvest is finishing up.

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