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  • H 2A wage Hike

    H 2A wages go up 2019

  • Research Dairy

    Idaho plans to construct one of the latest research dairies in the United States.

  • New BLM Director

    John Ruhs will be the next Idaho BLM Director.

  • Implanted Calves

    Busting The Myths About Implanted Calves

  • Ag Day

    A National Ag Day celebration.

  • De-Listing

    Simpson and Fulcher Applaud USFWS Decision to Delist Wolves. Decision would empower states to manage the recovered population.

  • Self vaccinations

    A horse that is alone out in the pasture can still get rabies.

  • Fungicides or not

    The farm economy has been very much of a challenge of late and that may have farmers faced with tough choices with regard to inputs.

  • Women's Leadership Conference

    The Idaho Farm Bureau Federation Women's Leadership Conference was held in Boise this past weekend.

  • Implanting growth

    There are many feedlots that believe that non-implanted calves perform better in the feedlot than implanted calves.

  • Dairy Margin Coverage

    USDA Announces January Income over Feed Cost Margin.

  • Wet Fields

    A late February gush of snow and rain may mean fields that are soaked for spring planting.

  • Improving Farms with Tech

    It's pretty much old news that republican Sen. Greg Walden of Oregon has been crying out for increased and improved broadband.

  • Lambing Season 2

    The sound of restless stock dogs wanting to work.

  • Lambing Season

    It's lambing season.

  • Hugest Snow Pack

    February bought abundant snow to Idaho’s mountains

  • Public Lands Package

    Simpson Supports Public Lands Package

  • Epicurean Delight

    Truffle hunting is a lucrative business when they are in season, from fall through spring. In Idaho.

  • IFBF and Legislators

    Sixty-three of Idaho’s 105 legislators attended Idaho Farm Bureau Federation’s annual “Legislative and Commodity Conference”.

  • Crapo Award

    Senator Crapo receives award.

  • Ronald McDonald House

    The Idaho Farm Bureau’s Women’s Leadership Committee met at Boise's Ronald McDonald House with a check.

  • Craft Beers

    Was Sierra Nevada pale ale the start of a craft beer revolution in the US?

  • Craigs list for farmers

    IRON Solutions has an enhanced site.

  • Dumping Tomatoes

    American Farm Bureau backs anti-dumping investigation of Mexican tomatoes.

  • USDA to Host

    USDA is hosting a listening session for initial input on the 2018 Farm Bill.

  • Resolution

    Analyzing the health of any crop in any field.


    If you are in any aspect of the cattle business, then listen up because apparently cases of Bovine Respiratory Disease are on the rise.

  • Forest Fire Fighter

    With the forest fire epidemic we have experienced in the last few years, I thought I would call Chad Walker who works for the forest service as a firefighter.

  • Preventing Infestations

    Some do’s and don’ts if you see somebody towing a boat and not reporting into an inspection station for aquatic invasive species.

  • Milk not nuts

    Some time ago, some states enacted mandatory food labeling laws because consumers have the right to know what’s in what they’re eating.

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