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  • Food Prices

    So far this year the the overall cost of food in the grocery store has only gone up 4/10 of a percent.

  • Land Prices

    The release of the Department of Agriculture’s Land Value Survey earlier this month held relatively few surprises at the headline level.

  • Trans Species Healthcare

    A very recent conference on swine health. i

  • Raising Goats

    Debra Jantzi owns a raw and pasteurized goat dairy in the Treasure Valley of western Idaho.

  • Farmers' Plea

    American Farm Bureau Federation presidents had a meeting withVP Mike Pence.

  • IRRC

    As it turns out, science textbooks in Idaho classrooms teach students more about rainforest ecosystems than they do rangeland ecosystems.

  • Dynamics of Barley

    A chat concerning the dynamics of growing barley in Idaho.

  • Bald Eagle Attacks

    A victory for White Oak Pastures and for small farms in America,

  • Importance of Soil

    Dr. Dan Strawn has rewritten his textbook entitled “Soil Chemistry”.

  • Land Prices

    The release of the Department of Agriculture’s Land Value Survey earlier this month held relatively few surprises.

  • Stock Dog 1

    There are dog trials for stock dogs.

  • Stock Dog

    Clawson trains stock dogs.

  • Statesman and Wolves

    We in the cattle industry were bothered a bit by an article in the Idaho Statesmen.

  • West Nile


  • New Old Tractor

    Every body talks about biomass and the conversion of this material into energy as though it is a brand new discovery.

  • Wolf Cattle Policy 2

    Cattle rancher Phil Davis has watched wolves praying on his cattle herd for over 20 years.

  • Wolf Cattle Policy 1

    Indian Valley meeting between Idaho Farm Bureau Federation officials and cattlemen.

  • Wolf Cattle Policy

    Indian Valley, Idaho where a small group of Farm Bureau volunteers from Valley and Adams County have gathered to discuss issues.

  • Vaccines

    Vaccines may be the trend of the future for food safety.

  • Grindelia Squarosa

    A fabulous crop for arid land.

  • Hi Tech Partnership

    Uber technology for analyzing the health of any crop in any field.

  • Pahsimeroi Valley 2

    Forest Ranger Jones wrapped things up by suggesting it is a process that must include all opinions.

  • Pahsimeroi Valley 1

    Rancher Roy Hoffman Junior says the biggest improvement on his allotment was the development of stock water locations.

  • Pahsimeroi Valley

    What is it about grazing on public lands that create such a political divide?

  • Gypsum and Clean Water

    Goodnews for Idaho farmers using calcium sulfate as it relates to water runoff from fields.

  • Epic Water

    A record recharge this year into the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer.

  • Water Litigation

    Loyal Pig Defeats Water Right Relinquishment

  • Wolf Depredation

    Wolf kills affect a record 113 Idaho producers in a single year in FY ’18

  • Aquifer Re-charge

    Agriculture is absolutely huge in Idaho and a critical component to producing crops is water.

  • Weather Aid to Farmers

    Punxsutawney Phil – the prognosticating groundhog who famously foretells the arrival of spring – may need a new job.

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