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Bob Larson Farmers Are Environmentalists Pt 2
by Bob Larson, click here for bio

Program: Washington State Farm Bureau Report
Date: November 09, 2018

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I’m Bob Larson. When it comes to being environmentally conscious, nobody tops the American farmer.

That’s according to Washington Policy Center’s Madi Clark who says farmers often get blamed when something goes wrong …

CLARK … “So, that’s the sad truth of a lot of our media and the stories that get out. They’re the bad actors. That’s who gets the media attention, but the one’s that, I mean the majority of farmers are out there doing good. They’re out there, like I talked about, implementing better tillage practices. They’re using technology to spray better applications on their crops. They care about their bees. They care about saving water. The technologies are constantly changing and growing just so they can care for their environment a little bit better. It’s amazing how much they invest in that.”

Clark says the subject came up after recent Senate testimony from a biotech firm that wants to turn cow manure to drinking water …

CLARK … “Yeah, and that’s actually what prompted this. I was listening when they testified in front of the Senate and that was the comment, that was the innovator that they were saying, “you’re an environmentalist” and it made me laugh because they just told you about the dairy farmer who showed up at his door with a load of manure to say, “hey, will it work?” Because they care. They want to manage it. So, I think that would be an amazing technology to make Ag.”

Janicki Bioenergy is developing manure processing technology that would create clean water and dry compost from manure ponds.

Check out Clark’s blog on the Washington Policy Center website.

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