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David Sparks Ph.d Tommy Bear Baiting
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: August 14, 2019

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Talking to sportsmen Spotlight team member Tommy Allen about bear hunting. Just some general chit chat. He took a friend on a guided trip in Oregon. And he also hunts Washington.

And I wondered in Idaho if they do bait. They do and you know, same scenario. I talked to a buddy the other day to ask how his hunt was coming and he was doing the same thing baiting. Up here. It's purely spot and stalk. We don't have the option to bait. And so it's a different ballgame. You range and stuff at around the thousand yards away and try to get a position on it before the sun goes down or if you can get to it before it dips into a big timber drop. That I think more of as hunting to be honest. You know I can agree with you but I mean hunting... hunting you can be baiting bears, the wind changes, there's always difficulties to everything you do but hunting, my saying is that hunting is never good. This wild thing is because you can go in there, you think it's a great area and the weather is not right and the bears aren't out or you can go in an area that there's not a lot of bears out there and you know maybe get lucky and get into one or getting a couple of them find a to get a get out on. So it's just it's a challenge either way. And if nothing else it's just neat seeing the beauty of the country and the deer you know a lot of times you pick up elk shed they're out on the hillsides just kind of fun to be out in the spring.

Good for you. Good for you. Hey good luck on the trip and thank your buddy for helping out the AG Information Network of the West with his spreadsheets. I will do David appreciate it. OK. Tommy thank you. Good luck.

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