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David Sparks Ph.d Summer Fun
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: August 13, 2019

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When I was a kid, I couldn't wait for school to get out for summer. Total elation but as the weeks dragged on, just like all my friends, the day after day routine became boring and, I didn't dare to even think it, but ideas of returning back to school started looking pretty good. That's because, after so many days, it seemed as though there was nothing to do. Well, Field & Stream editor in chief Colin Kearns makes a suggestion that is certainly in the wheelhouse of any kid who wants to be an outdoorsman. "Once summer camp is out, you still have plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors with your kids. So for this story it's a short little thing and it's just ideas for fun projects and little backyard adventures that you can do with your kids. An example of one is we've called it the deer signs scavenger hunt. And so what you do is you take your kids or kids in the neighborhood and then you go into the woods and you look for some deer sign whether it's rubs or scat or beds that you might find look for some things that the deer might eat like berries or poke weed and then you can make it into a game and if anyone's lucky enough to find a shed or point out a tree stand or even luckily hit the jackpot. See a deer that's some bonus points. So it's just a fun excuse to get the kids outside make a game of it and beats playing video games, if you ask me.

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