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David Sparks Ph.d Wuru Wool
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Line on Agriculture
Date: January 10, 2019

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Outdoor and endurance athletes of every stripe will benefit from the blister-preventative properties of loose lanolin-rich wool, now imported from New Zealand by Salt Lake City based brand, W?ru Wool. Fall 2018 marks the launch of this unique product. While New Zealanders have used loose wool for decades to reduce soreness, minimize blisters, regulate temperature, and keep feet dry, Wuru is the first brand to offer an affordable and affective single-use wool product in the United States. With a retail price of $10.95, each package provides enough Wuru for 20-30 applications.


A company called W?ru Wool is touting the message that the properties that have made wool increasingly popular in performance wear also drastically reduce blisters and foot discomfort.” Company founder Matt Disney discovered the benefits of wool while trekking in New Zealand with his wife on their honeymoon.  Matt says that a single-use product like Wuru allows you to experience the friction-reducing benefits inherent in lanolin-rich wool that are lost through traditional textile manufacturing."

While extensive searching may turn up some similar products in the United States, it is the relationships that Disney has established with New Zealanders in the wool trade that allow Wuru to be the first truly affordable product of its kind in the U.S.

"Through our exclusive strategic partnerships made while in New Zealand, we are able to drastically increase the value to our customers," Disney says. "Not only have these partnerships allowed us to increase package size by 25%, they have allowed us to simultaneously reduce price by 27%. While we loved our time in New Zealand, we want to ensure that others don't have to travel around the globe to find such an amazing product.

With benefits for everyone from trail runners and marathoners, to cyclers and skiers, to hikers and hunters, Wuru Wool's ultimate goal is to help people get the most enjoyment out of their favorite activities.

"When you dramatically minimize or eliminate pain points like foot discomfort, you empower people to stay out there and go further," says Disney. "That will enable some to run the extra mile or climb a higher peak.  It will allow others to walk an extra block. Whatever your level, we're excited to help you go further and Step Up Your Comfort.”


Disney says that he is looking for wool grower partners in the United States to produce wool with lanolin left in it.


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