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Russell Nemetz Agri Beef Helping Ranchers with Genetics to Produce High Quality Beef
by Russell Nemetz, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: August 08, 2018

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At Agri Beef, they take great pride in providing consumers a consistent and high-quality beef product.

Clayton Zimmerman is from Satanta, Kansas and attends Kansas State University. He’s also currently interning with Agri Beef.

His area of expertise is running data analysis on different cattle and helping ranchers who raise cattle for Agri Beef select the right genetics to help ensure a delicious beef eating experience by the consumer.

“That really ties into what the consumer wants” said Zimmerman. “We really do live in an age where we have an informed consumer and they want to be informed and that’s great. Part of what I do is we organize what bulls we lease out to ranches. The genetics we focus on include marbling and how they net yield at the packing plant. It really is just the overall characteristics of beef and what consumers will see at the meat case. We work really hard to make sure we can cater to those we feed and take care of in the industry.”

Agri Beef-Real Families, Great People, Exceptional Beef!

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