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David Sparks Ph.d Good Hunters
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: July 13, 2018

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There is something about the hunting community that you just have to respect and wrap your arms around. That has certainly been my experience in life and I will tell you why.

In all of my experiences with outdoorsmen, I can’t remember ever talking to a kid or an adult who wasn’t a yes sir- no sir, look you in the eye kind of person. There is a respect that must come from getting back to the basics which is what hunting is all about. Rob Mathias personifies this attitude with a story that happened while he was on a deer hunt. You came across a story today that confirms what we all believe to be true and that is that hunters are just plain good people. Absolutely. We harvested 3 deer in camp today and I went with one of the guys that works here at Call of the Wild Outfitters and in those 3 dear, we had 12 quarters left over and with those 12 quarters, we took them to a family here in town and their house had just burned down, and instantly, the guy knew Michael, we pulled up to the house and we gave him 12 quarters and he loved every minute of it. He took all 12 quarters of deer and he is going to live off of them this winter. 2 years ago Michael told me he took 36 deer and distributed them through the entire town and every body consumed everyone of those deer. Deer that are killed by out of state customers all go to a good end cause and don’t get wasted ever.

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