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Greg Martin 04/14/05 Change in export direction, Part two
by Greg Martin, click here for bio

Program: Fruit Grower Report
Date: April 14, 2005

The Washington Apple Commissions Board of Directors, through industry input, recently decided that the focus of its Export Marketing program should shift. Commission President Dave Carlson explained that prominent markets will be managed in a maintenance mode.

CARLSON: Thats to focus more on emerging areas and to try to develop those up to a level that will take more product out of the state of Washington.

But that shift was one reason why the Board also made a decision on how now to operate the Export Marketing program.

CARLSON: The board decided to eliminate the Export Director position. That was done effective March 14th. And Tracy King resigned in anticipation of the position being eliminated on the 16th at the board meeting.

That will mean some money saved in salaries, but still how will the Export Marketing program operate? Carlson says it will be a team effort.

CARLSON: We split some of the managerial duties between myself and Rebecca Baerveldt. And we will probably add one more person that will work at a different level than Tracy did.

That Export Marketing Specialist is expected to be on board by May to work with Baerveldt, the current Export Marketing Manager. And in addition, the Commission has hired one intern to aid in export marketing, and is scheduled to hire a second intern from college during the summer months.

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