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Rick Worthington Dairy Expo PT2
by Rick Worthington, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: October 17, 2017

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The dairy industry recently gathered for World Dairy Expo, and there were a number of new issues that came up for discussion among milk producers in the US.

For instance, Canada’s dairy supply and demand and certain programs being re-negotiated thru NAFTA which could provide some relief to U.S. dairy farmers.

David Cooper is with the Farm First Dairy Cooperative and says the U.S. should address the oversupply of skim milk powder Canada is selling on the world market.

"They're selling that skim powder at about 15% below the lowest world price and that's creating problems for other world exporters as well as the United States because this lower skim milk powder prices driving everybody's price down ultimately that comes back and impacts of farmer for the Canadians they increase or skim milk powder sales about 300% in the last year now it's not significant volumes but 300% increase in markets that typically have not seen that in the last five years is one of the reasons we have a big problem with what's going on."

By the way, if you missed this years Dairy Expo, you will have another opportunity next year. Expo representatives say nearly 75,000 people visited, making it so popular, events thru 2022 are already planned.

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