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Rick Worthington Conservation Farm Bill Ideas
by Rick Worthington, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: October 10, 2017

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Over the last several weeks, we have been telling you about the new Farm Bill discussions and some of the items being brought to the table.

The Environmental Working Group says they are among those paying close attention.

Craig Cox with the Environmental Working Group, says the conservation provisions of the Farm Bill represent a big opportunity to help farmers deal with the more serious issues they’re going to face regarding quality of life.

"Drinking water issues drinking water that's contaminated with nitrates are other sources that are linked to runoff from farming operations are becoming more and more of an issue algal blooms toxic or otherwise it just seems to me that the issues around farming in the environment are beginning to touch the public in ways that are much more direct than used to be in the olden days"

Cox also says his group has a few things they want emphasized in the new Farm Bill…

"Getting past waterways or Contour strips on the ground prevent the femoral Collierville version would be high on the list keeping some perennial vegetation of buffer between cropland and waterways would be on the list and you know really restricting winter application of manure would be also high on the list"

Meanwhile, much progress has already been made. The House and Senate Agriculture Committees may be close to bringing a farm bill to the floor of their respective chambers in 2017, rather than 2018, as has been expected..

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