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KayDee Gilkey Food Truths From Farm to Table
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: May 16, 2017

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Many consumers are often confused by marketing half-truths as they shop the grocery store aisles. Professional speaker and author Michele Payn provides an informed voice of reason with plenty of real life stories in her second book Food Truths from Farm to Table.

Payn: “ Well the first book, No More Food Fights really focuses on trying to help farmers grow a more productive conversation. The second book Food Truths From Farm to Table is a consumer-facing book. So it is designed for the moms and dads out there in the grocery store that feel like they need a science degree in order to buy that right food. But the feedback I’ve gotten from folks that are farmers, and ranchers and agribusiness people is that the new book Food Truths From Farm to Table really provides excellent examples as to how to translate the science of food production through story. So obviously I wrote it for people who are off the farm, but my hope is that people that are on the farm can take it and learn from it as well.”

She says that the book has 55-plus contributors from around the country including: farmers, ranchers, dietitians, and veterinarians. She shares where you can find the book.

?Payn: “People can find both books on Amazon. Food Truths From Farm to Table was actually a number one new release on Amazon in January — so I was very pleased about that. Both books — if you want a signed version — are available on my website causematters.com.”??We will continue our conversation with Payn tomorrow. ?

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