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Maura Bennett Ag Innovation Summit 1
by Maura Bennett, click here for bio

Program: Colorado Ag Today
Date: September 24, 2018

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Agricultural innovations bring breakthroughs to help producers feed the world in more efficient and cost effective ways.

A fascinating panel of speakers at the 2018 Ag Innovation Summit at CSU looked at how cutting edge science can help or hinder internal and external threats to America’s food supply.

A focus that moderator Vice President for Research Dr Alan Rudolph says is more important in today’s world.

“ A lot of the Ag Innovation Summit in past years has been about innovation as it’s applied in a benevolent way. What’s interesting about what we’ve been introducing in this one is recognizing that we have threats around innovation. Threats around ag biosecurity and even in some cases adversarial intent. As we used the words safe and secure, we already have challenges in the ag sector around those even in the benevolent use of the technology. I think one need only see where we are with GMO’s to see how we’ve basically screwed that up.”

Representatives from the Department of Defense, FBI, and technology companies say the goal is to fund the use of existing technology and develop new tech to head off threats from foreign nationals as well as natural diseases.

The Innovation in Prevention and Prediction panel discussion can be viewed online at CSU ag innovation summit.

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